Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions!

I am grateful that my clients and colleagues over the years have generously shared their experiences working with me. Please feel free to add your own references, comments, or testimonials under LEAVE A REPLY at the bottom of this page. As you know, there is no better compliment than a referral. Thank you so much for yours!


“Creative genius, remarkable communicator, engaging at all levels and a joy to work with… Alice has a gift for delivering messages in multiple forms to diverse populations. We worked on projects including development of HR related communications (including on-boarding), talent acquisition related intranet design & messaging and social media program development. Alice is a joy to work with, smart, funny and one of the top talents in the communications field. She is an excellent leader, wonderful team member and someone you want on the team!”—Alex Putman, Founder & CEO of MUZE

“I had the pleasure of working with Alice on several initiatives that helped drive how our organization transformed. Her passion and dedication to making sure the company message was communicated in a way that resonated with the employees was a quality I really appreciated in her. Her level of professionalism during times of extreme change made our partnership even more enjoyable. Alice is great at what she does and would be a valuable asset to any organization.”—William Riddick Jr., SPHR, Vice President & Head of HR at Print Media

“Alice and I met within the first week that she started. In just the few years I saw first hand what a capable leader could do in an organization that needed leadership. Alice was able to grow her team, affect change and create a culture that was missing. Alice was able to encourage and support multiple initiatives that helped demonstrate that a company can care about employees and the culture. I can think of no one better qualified to make an impact on an organization needing help with culture and leadership!”—Matt Kelly, National Sales Manager Direct Marketing Solutions

“I have enjoyed working with Alice on numerous employee engagement and corporate communication initiatives. Alice is a classic intrapreneur. She developed a vision for our employee culture and crafted a strategy to make it happen. Her efforts have positively impacted every employee.”—Ed Peterson, Brand Builder and Marketing Technologist

“Alice is an exceptional, strategic, and fantastic leader who has transformed the culture. In a challenging environment, with numerous stakeholders and limited resources, Alice has been able to quickly reinvent the culture, generate excitement, and develop programs that will help drive the company for the future. Her positive attitude and focus on growth and change has helped to engage employees and create a more dynamic and fun environment.”—Paul Greenberg, Executive Director, Marketing at YP (formerly AT&T Interactive)

“I worked with Alice for three years, and had the opportunity to sit beside her often in her role as culture, communications and engagement consultant. As an executive advisor, Alice always managed to add a wise perspective to the conversation and to deliver it in a manner that was respected among her peers and company leadership. She has a keen sense of negotiation and knows how to put results and relationships before ego. Alice is also valued for her creativity—she’s a person who recognizes possibilities and takes action to realize them. Under her leadership our team developed entirely new programs and results for the organization beyond the ordinary scope of communications. Her vision created extraordinary growth and opportunity for me in my own career. I still consider Alice an irreplaceable mentor!”—Katrina Wilcox, Communications Manager, Project Research, Planning & Management, HR & executive leadership support

“I had the pleasure of working with Alice, where she directed our communications and culture team. Not only was she a visionary of corporate culture, Alice was also a strategic leader and masterful communicator. She always inspired our team to think big, think outside of the box, and to take risks. Under her leadership we produced widely successful employee engagement initiatives on both the local and national level. It was truly a challenging, learning and rewarding experience working with Alice!—Vivian Guzman, Culture/Diversity & Inclusion/Employee Engagement Professional

“Alice expertly knows her craft and comfortably fits into a complex and high-paced environment. Her sense of personal accountability, upbeat disposition, and “can do” attitude also make it a pleasure to work with her.”—Tony Whitehead, Manager, Enterprise Service Management, The Coca-Cola Company

Alice is a dynamic professional who takes challenging tasks and objectives and executes them in such a way that it appears effortless to those on the outside looking in. In addition to her extreme professionalism, Alice is a strong collaborator and team player who shares her wisdom and experiences with her team and colleagues to help us all become better. Working with Alice has been a truly positive experience and I would welcome the opportunity to do so again.—Jeannine Lewis, Business and Career Consultant, Organizational Change and Human Capital Management

“I enjoyed working with Alice. She stepped into a difficult situation and was able to add tremendous value to the team. She brought great experiences and ideas that helped transform the team in many ways and I learned a lot from her. When my time working with Alice ended, she was truly one of the folks I wanted to keep in touch with, hoping we could possibly work together again.”—Matthew Brown, PMP, Senior Manager, Infrastructure Delivery at AutoTrader Group

“I had the distinct privilege of working with Alice during a very tumultuous time, where she was part of a team transitioning from the client environment to HP’s Managed Services Division. Alice had the responsibility of managing all the group’s communications internally and externally, much of which had to be handled sensitively and crossed multiple organizations at senior levels. Her diligence, focus and attention to detail was exceptional; and she was particularly sensitive to managing the appropriate protocols without impacting leadership priorities. Alice was integral to the success of the integration, her vast experience was invaluable in helping the team navigate its way through some highly charged sessions, her positive and non-threatening disposition contributed towards her becoming a respected leader and enabler, ultimately leading to the team’s overall success.”—Dominique [Jodi] Andrews, Director Sales, Outsourcing/ Operations Management & Strategic Initiatives, ZA + US, Hewlett Packard

“Alice and I worked together during the first two years of the HP/P&G ITO/BPO account. She was the internal (employee) communications manager – doing the strategic communications around the transition and integration of the P&G employees, she was very involved with the HR group and the Account lead team including the Client Executive. Alice demonstrated in her role a combination of hard communication skills (accuracy, syntax, efficiency) with softer skills (understanding of the learning curve for transitioned employees, adaptation to new business rules, loss of familiarity with business context, international cultural differences, ); Alice acted as a true Global professional Communications manager and was a very valuable asset to the Account Transition/Transformation team.”—Jean-Louis Hospitel, Director, Hewlett-Packard

“Alice Melott is by far one of the best, if not the best, communications managers I have worked with. Not only does she quickly command a sense of what the business requires, but she also adds a broader strategic context and a creative touch which is truly phenomenal. Having been a communications manager in my career, I truly appreciate the breadth and depth of Alice’s experience and expertise. Not to mention she is a pleasure with whom to work.”—Bonnie Keith, HR Manager, Hewlett-Packard

“I’ve known Alice for more years than either of us cares to remember. She is one of those rare individuals who can get deeply technical but at the end of the conversation can always get to the heart of the matter, understand the value proposition…and then turn it into English. That she does it with such passion and good humor is just icing on the cake.”—Jonathan Yarmis,VP, Advanced, Emerging and Disruptive Technologies, AMR Research

“Passionate, professional, with key listening and business comprehension skills. Excellent communicator who will always deliver.”—Kieran McGowan, Programme Manager, Shell Services International

“Alice is a strategic marketing professional with a flair and expertise in writing and communication strategy. She is a wonderful colleague with strong interpersonal and leadership skills. I highly recommend her.”—Deborah Henken, Senior Marketing Executive, Marketing Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Go-To-Market and E-marketing

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