REAL ESTATE 101: How to Save Thanksgiving

When I first got my real estate license over a decade ago, my oldest and dearest friend said —

Before it comes up, I want you to know that I’m not going to hire you to be my real estate agent. I know about thirty agents, including my own mother, and if I picked any one of them, it would make the other twenty-nine mad, so I’m not hiring any of you. I’ll hire someone nobody’s heard of and who isn’t one of the crowd. That way, I can push them as hard as I need to and get as mad at them as I feel and even fire them if I want, and I won’t be risking a relationship or ruining Thanksgiving.”

No kidding – he really did say that.

I’ll bet you know a bunch of realtors, too. You might even be related to one or two. And each of them expects you to hire them when you’re ready to buy or sell property, right? And you probably dread that conversation. Or maybe you just feel flat-out obligated to use that person, no questions asked. So with all that peer pressure, you probably never even get to the point where you consider which of them is actually best-suited for your particular situation. But, seriously, would you hire a patent attorney to defend you in a murder case? Or a dermatologist to perform your brain surgery? Nope, not even if you were related. But that’s what you’re doing when you hire a real estate agent just because you know them. You don’t get the best expert for your location or property type or financial situation or even for your left-brained or right-brained personality! But you might be getting a big headache and a boatload of regret. So I have an idea.

Today, I am living in Wilmington, but I was raised in New Orleans & Birmingham and lived the last thirty years in New York City, Houston, Galveston, and Atlanta. I was the Operating Principal/Managing Broker of Keller Williams Galveston — the largest and most productive real estate company in the world — and have been a mega agent, coach, and certified trainer. I’ve got solid professional relationships across the country — agents of every shape and size with myriad specialties — and I want to leverage all that to benefit my friends, family, neighbors, and clients. (That’s you.)

So here’s what I’m going to do: When you are ready to buy or sell anywhere in North America, call me. I will visit with you about your motivations and dreams and requirements, then I will recommend one or more agents who I believe will do the best job for your specific circumstance. It may be me, and it may not be. We’ll decide that together. And while it won’t cost you a thing, it will very likely save you a bundle on the other end, in cash and drama.

Finally, apart from getting your ideal agent and a personal consultant to back you up (me), you’ll also have a built-in excuse to your realtor friends & relatives: “I’m not using any of you because I want to protect our relationship,” just like my friend told me. Because you know what? It worked.

I hope you’ll remember my idea when you’re thinking of buying or selling. Email me at or call/text me directly on my cell phone at 404-333-1198. We’ll visit confidentially, talk about the market and your situation, then decide what or who is best for you.

Let’s save Thanksgiving!

About ALICE MELOTThttp://thegreenchaircoach.comNC Broker-in-Charge / REALTOR (previously licensed in TX & GA) 🔹 Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) 🔹 Historic & coastal home specialist 🔹 Transformation Coach (CPC pending) 🔹 Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) 🔹 MAPS-trained 🔹 Member, International Coaching Federation (ICF) 🔹 Strategic Communications, Change Management & Engagement Consultant 🔹 404-333-1198 🔹

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