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Transformation Coaching helps you navigate the change you seek or serendipitously find, while also guiding you to discover your highest self.

The Green Chair offers three types of Transformation Coaching: Life & Career, Executive/Leadership, and Real Estate Business Development.

Which one is right for you? It depends on your goals. Are you discerning where you’re going in your life or job? Are you focused on your leadership role? Are you a licensed real estate agent — just getting started or wanting to take your business to the next level? Read on…


Life & Career Coaching is for individuals who are facing or desiring change in their personal life or work, and who need fewer than six (6) sessions or want to be able to check in on an ad hoc basis. It may include —

  • Personality and motivational assessments
  • Vocation discovery
  • Personal goal-setting and accountability
  • Interview prep
  • Resume review

Rate: $150 per 45-minute phone session.


This coaching & consulting hybrid package is for executives and top leadership of corporations or non-profits who seek a partner to help them reach their highest potential. Our work together may include —

  • Leadership & team assessment
  • Professional & personal goal-setting and accountability
  • Team-building
  • Facilitation
  • Collaboration
  • Scripting & role-playing
  • Communication, change management & engagement consulting

Rate: $3,000 per package of twelve (12) 45-minute phone sessions, plus text and email support between sessions.


There are three kinds of Transformation Coaching available for licensed real estate professionals — agent, partner, and team — and each works to break through whatever ceiling is holding you down so you can live a more purposeful life and build a brilliant business to fund it. Each package may include —

  • Professional & motivational assessment
  • Goal-setting and accountability
  • Your Big Why, Your 1 Thing, and Your 80/20 focus
  • Roadblock, drunk monkey, and/or gremlin removal
  • Coaching around specific real estate issues, such as lead generation for introverts, turning an in-home career into a value proposition, what to do first, building or not building a team, firing a client, living through the lean times, etc.
  • Monthly in-person or online Masterminds


Individual Agent Coaching: $500/month. Includes weekly 45-minute phone sessions, up to 40 sessions annually.

Partner Coaching (2 members): $750/month. Includes shared weekly 45-minute phone sessions, up to 40 sessions annually.

Team Coaching (3-4 members): $1200/month. Includes two shared weekly 45-minute phone sessions, up to 80 sessions annually.