Top 5 Ways to Avoid Really Bad Real Estate Karma

I was a typical first-time homebuyer. I looked at everything in town — all price ranges, all styles and sizes, all neighborhoods. Usually I used the same agent for all this, but sometimes I would call the listing agent directly or call on FSBOs (For Sale by Owner). I actually looked for about two years and had contracts on five different properties before I made my final commitment. In the end, I got mad and fired that agent who had showed me no fewer than two hundred homes, and closed without her.


Boy, have I got bad real estate agent karma.

Fast forward about ten years. I’ve left the corporate world and gotten my real estate agent’s and broker’s licenses. I now know how things work, and payback truly is a bear. People think nothing of wasting my time, my knowledge, my money. And that’s karma. I earned it. But the fact is, if I let it continue, that’s also my own darn fault. It’s my fault every time I let someone misuse and abuse me because, like any relationship, I let them. I am teaching them how to treat me. And we as a profession have not taught you as a public what we do, why, and how — and most importantly — what’s in it for you. So here you go…  (more…)